About Site Council

8 months ago

The Montessori Borealis Public Site Council is a group of parents, teachers and community members formed to advise school administration on various issues related to the Montessori program.  It provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to learn about issues facing the school, and to have a voice in decision-making.  Issues that the site council discusses or participates in include facility issues, school safety issues, program enhancements, or the hiring of new teachers.


Meetings are held once per month.  They are open to the public, and all families and teachers are welcome (and encouraged) to attend.  Feel free to contact a site council member with questions or concerns.  Dates for upcoming Site Council meetings are shown on the Events calendar on the homepage.


We want to hear from you! E-mail us at mbp.sitecouncil@juneauschools.org.

President - Lena Merrell (alaskanlena@gmail.com)

Principal - John Paul (john.paul@juneauschools.org)