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What is Montessori?

Montessori is an educational approach based on the philosophy and teaching methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an early 20th century Italian physician and teacher. 

Montessori education is based in the belief that the intellectual, physical and social-emotional needs of children are inseparable and equally important.

This approach accommodates each child’s unique learning style and pace in a supportive atmosphere and a carefully prepared learning environment that support individual development at every stage.

Montessori education is appropriate for students with a wide range of

academic achievement levels, as well as a variety of backgrounds. It is a supportive learning community with deep respect for each child and their families. Special Education, English Language Learning, and other educational services are provided to qualifying students in a manner consistent with other Juneau District schools.

 The Montessori method is a time-proven, research-based, educational approach used in a number of Alaskan public schools, as well as schools across the nation and around the world, helping children develop into contributing members of their society and the entire world.

A Montessori Classroom:

Provides for extended uninterrupted     work periods, where each child has the time needed for learning and mastery. 

Allows for individualized instruction in a mixed-age group. 

Includes specially designed Montessori materials to help children learn specific concepts and skills. 

Offers opportunities for leadership, modeling, and long-term relationships. 

Encourages children to follow their interests, make appropriate choices, and take responsibility for their education. 

Stresses the importance of balancing freedom with responsibility while teaching care and respect for others.

Encourages a strong sense of community among teachers and students.

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