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Adolescent Program

The Adolescent Montessori Program (generally referred to as AMP) is the middle school component of the Montessori Borealis Program.  It includes up to 45 students in grades 7 and 8.

AMP provides a small and supportive setting in which students can attain personal independence through academic choice, social responsibility, and service to the community.  In this environment, students feel secure enough to risk being different and to consider unfamiliar points of view.

Basic to advanced math and literature are taught daily, while science, history and geography are covered in intensive blocks to allow for in-depth exploration and learning. Classes in Spanish, art, music, and P.E. round out the curriculum. 

AMP is appropriate for students with a wide range of academic achievement levels, as well as of varying backgrounds.  Special Education, English Language, and other educational services are provided to qualifying students in a manner consistent with other Juneau District schools.


No prior Montessori experience is required for enrollment in AMP. 

Many students enroll in AMP after homeschooling or attending other district schools.


Literature:  Literature is studied in small group sessions, with an emphasis on writing, seminar discussion techniques, and critical interpretation.  Students are guided to works that provide an appropriate challenge to their abilities.

Mathematics: Students study math in small groups organized by skill level.  Mathematics courses offered include pre-Algebra and Algebra I, with special workshops offered in basic or advanced topics as appropriate.

Humanities:  “Humanities” includes place-based studies of human culture from our earliest days as hunter-gathers to the modern time.  Students are immersed in studies of Southeast Alaska and the larger world.  The specific topics covered vary by year, but include Alaskan and US history, world history, geography, and the environment.

Creative Expression:  A choice of classes are offered in block sessions allowing students to experience a variety of types of artistic expression.  Classes have included acting, pottery, poetry, music, photography, architecture, and mapping.

                                                * Personal Development * 


Twelve- to fourteen-year-olds are going through an intense period of physical and emotional growth.  AMP provides a broad range of experiences to meet a young teen’s need for intellectual growth, creative expression, and independence, as well as social and personal development.

AMP is a supportive community where students know they are respected and cared for, where they can challenge themselves through hard work, grow responsibly, and build meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.   

Adults from the community regularly interact with our students, sharing their knowledge and experience.  Real work experiences help connect students to the community and to their role as young adults.

AMP students are part of the Montessori Borealis 1st – 8th grade community.  They have opportunities to socialize and work with younger Montessori students and to act as mentors.

You can find more Enrollment Information  or download an Application Form.



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